Spirit is the vital principle held to give life, and that animates physical organisms. Spirit is identified with the presence of life, and it implies intelligence, consciousness and sentience.
From an indigenous perspective there is a Great Spirit as well as individual spirit existing in all living things. This says that there are not only individual Spirits, but also an universal consciousness, an unified field. Plants, rocks, animals all carry a portion of the Great Spirit. The whole earth itself is a large hologram of Spirit, and our connection to it then begins with our connection to the Earth and the elements that sustain life, based on interconnected relationships. It is a vast web of interwoven vibrations of light, sound and sensation that we are able to feel.
Plants had rays of ultraviolet light that effect one another, all living cells (plant, animal and human) have light rays that they emit. Plants and people have at the core of their being particles of light that can become coherent, which is the ability to maintain a beam of light that radiates out affecting that which it comes in contact with. It is this light that carries intelligence and is the foundation for the ability of plants and people to comunicate with each other.
The relationship of an organism to its Spirit in its enviroment is called spiritual ecology and it is the foundation of Plant Spirit Healing. Plants, being highly intelligent beings, do not affect only the physical body with their chemical constituents, but respond to human emotions, thoughts, intentions and prayers.

Diseases are the result of a misaligned/unbalance on the spiritual dimension, spiritual malnourishment, and spirit loss, manifesting itself on a phisical level. Plant Spirit Healing works with the conscious Spirit of the plant, directing the energy to allow healing to take place efficiently and effectively. This healing energy can be used not only for human beings, but also to heal the the earth itself in a co-creative partnership with plants. To be able to work with plant Spirit for healing purposes it is necessary first receive their healing gifts, as healing at the source level cannot take place unless the plant has became an ally by instilling what causes healing to take place.
Building a relationship by understanding a plant through our senses and then communicating through felt sense and the vibrations of light and sound while consciously exchanging breath, we step into the daydream of the plant.
"When the plant Spirit accepts the person, and the person has the will, the Spirit grants them energy. The path of knowledge opens, and the healing takes place" - Conibo Curandero from Peru.

[Bibliography: Plant Spirit Healing by Pam Montgomery. Credits: ©Cristina Pandolfo. No permission of copy and reproduction without the author's consent]

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