Diseases and physical or emotional disorders are the result of a misaligned/unbalance, and intrusive unwanted energies, in our spiritual body manifesting themselves on a phisical level. Restoring or maintaining the balance of our auric field, allowing energy to flow freely, is the core of the healing process itself, and a way to prevent energy unbalances to manifest on the physical body.
Plant Spirit Healing with the Spirit - the vital principle held to give life. The conscious Spirit of Plants directs the energy creating the condition to allow healing to take place efficiently and effectively.

Treatments* Description Price
First meeting
Consultation, body scanning and execution of necessary treatments. (60 min)
Chakra clearing
Rebalancing compromised and blocked chakras removing stagnant and unwanted energies. (30min)
Mugwort energy alignment
Clearing channels, healing misalignment and restoring spinal integrity trought the Axis of Intention. (25min)
Spiritual nourishment
Feed the spirit fire in order to restore the energy body in case of depression, disconnection with nature, stress, traumas, immunodeficiency disorders, lack of vitality and fatigue. (20min)
Vertical re-alignment
Re-charge by receiving source energy from above and below, to help to re-find your own center, and in case of spirit deficiency. (20min)
Aura cleansing
Clearing the aura field from negative imprints, intrusive energy and envidia in order to restore the integrity of the energy body, promote wellbeing and allow to express your own full potential. (30min)
Soul retrieval
Reintegrate fragments of soul which have been lost due to traumatic events, wandering off or have been stolen, in order to regain power, healing and wholeness. (30-60min)

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Treatments are held in the county borough of Bridgend (South Wales, UK)

*My holistic treatments do not want to substitute any traditional medical therapy, and do not provide clinical diagnosis. 

Cancellation Policy:
Paid fee will be refunded in full for cancellation within 48h from the booking/purchasing date, after this time only a 50% of the paid fee will be refunded. No refund will be issued for cancellation requested during 24 hours from the appointment day.

Privacy Policy:
Conforming to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), protecting the privacy of my clients is my priority. I might need to collect certain information and you can see below which information are collected and the purposes of their use.

Collected information
The information collected are personal data such as name, e-mail, if necesary address and telephone number, and prior any treatment information about health and general wellbeing might be necessary during the first consultation.

I obtains personal data and information from clients in order to provide services explicitly requested from them, and solely with the purpose to assist in the efficient running of my services. Personal details (such name, e-mail or phone number) are only used to send material or comunications that are potentially useful, and these information are stored on my personal database.
Financial data is never stored or recorded, clients are requested to make financial payments via PayPal, or via bank transfer if necessary, I don't hold and I don't have access to any information concerning credit card, bank details and passwords.

Personal information are usually collected via PayPal, or over the phone or e-mail. During the initial contact the data owner is given an explanation of how this information will be used. Written consent is not required as it is assumed that the consent has been granted when an individual freely gives their own details.
Personal data will not be sold, exchanged, leased or otherwise provided to third parties without the permission of the owner, unless there is a legal duty of disclosure under other legislation.
Only PayPal receives financial data in case of online purchases or booking services.